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Gear Recommendations
Mountain Training Tips


gear recommendations

Nearly every day I get asked for recommendations on various pieces of outdoor gear. It is hard to make general recommendations because every adventure is different, but here I am providing a look at my favorite basic overnight/alpine kit. This can change depending on the trip and if you have a specific question feel free to shoot us an email! You will also notice that many of the items listed are made by my sponsors. I only work with companies that I truly believe in, so even though it may seem biased, this is the gear I truly love and trust to keep me safe.

Click on the item for a description.

mountain training tips

Training for a big or small mountain objective can be a daunting task. Everyone starts with a different base, so no single program works for everyone. Before an adventure, I typically apply a few principals:


  • 8-12 weeks is typically enough time for focused training if you have a reasonable level of fitness at the start.

  • Try to mimic the activity you are training for during your training. For example, if you are climbing Rainier then your training should include walking uphill with a weighted pack. If you are going ice climbing your training should include upper body work and balance.

  • Rather than just running for 12 weeks, a variety of activities will better prepare you for any objective. Try to keep mixing it up.

  • Planning and setting small goals is everything. I plan the entire 12 weeks before day one. I usually have some focused time off to let my mind and body recover but I do my best to stick to the intentions I have set.

  • Don’t underestimate the need for mental training. I do this by running which I dislike, but doing it anyway helps me do other things that are hard that I do enjoy. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone during training will help when you have hard days during your adventure.

  • Listen to your body. Running isn’t for everyone, Yoga isn’t for everyone. Be nice to yourself and listen to your body if it is telling you no.

12 Week Pre-Expedition Training

An example of a training program I have used, with success is below. Keep in mind that this is customized for me and my abilities and you should work with a professional prior to starting any fitness or training program.


3 Days Per Week

  • 60-90 minute uphill hike (can be on stepmill, treadmill or stairs) with a weighted pack (I use 50 pounds as a starting weight)

  • Sprinting workouts- after warm up, 30 seconds of max effort, 15 seconds of rest for 10 cycles. Sprints can be incline treadmill, bike or jumprope

  • Focused core workout. Combo of push-ups/Planks and stability work

2 Days Per Week

  • Focused weight lifting for upper and lower body

  • Yoga or 60 minutes of stretching


For a duration of 12 weeks I also train for an endurance running race. My total mileage varies each week from between 20 and 40 miles, and typically includes running about 3-4 times in a week.


Again, this is just an example of what I might do to train and shouldn’t be considered a recommendation since each individual has their own goals and abilities.

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