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Custom adventures are guided trips that offer a way for us to share our experience and love of the mountains on an adventure that is fully suited to you. Every variable can be customized to create a mountain adventure that is perfect for you. Custom adventures are a chance for you to learn and challenge yourself with us. Whether you are a highly experienced mountain traveler or you are just getting into the outdoors, we can create a trip for you.


You customize the trip (but of course Melissa has some favorites she would love to share with you). Before you contact us, give some thought to the time of year for your adventure, the length and any desired objectives or locations. Some people go on vacation in their free time, this is for people who would rather go on an adventure.

*Please note that we charge a flat day rate that can be shared by up to 3 people. For more then 3 participants, contact us for additional pricing.

**International or domestic travel costs to the destination, trip insurance, guide gratuities and equipment/gear rental are not included in the cost of custom adventures. Everything else is on us!

Sample Custom Trip


Everest Base Camp via 2 high passes (Renjo La and Cho La) with optional Lobuche Peak climb


14-16 days


Moderate, some experience required


Varies by group size


September to December (Fall)

March to June (Spring)


We are able to guide all over the world by partnering with trusted local guides and agencies.


Our guiding family includes:

Mountain Mentorship

Mountain Mentorship is for young boys or girls who are looking for a one-on-one approach to learning the basics. Mentoring the next generation of mountain travelers has become a huge part of what we do. Mentorship programs are designed to create mountain adventures focused on learning the core skills to safely enjoy the mountains. Navigation, trip planning, first aid and rescue skills, as well as leadership, are some of the core lessons we teach. Each mentee can focus on the things that interest them the most, and we put a high priority on scheduling around other commitments (school, sports, clubs, etc).

Mountain Mentorship
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